PINKO company was founded by Italian family Sarafini, which in 1991 started production of ice cream in a small factory in Bojanovice near Prague. Ice cream was produced according to Italian recipes from Italian ingredients and had great success in the post-revolution period at the Prague clientele of luxurious restaurants, pizzerias and sweet shops.

In 1996, the entire production, including PINKO brand, was bought by Czech owner Ing. Miroslav Červ and until 2006 continued in the tradition of Italian recipes and Italian names of ice creams. During this time, PINKO ice cream started to use Czech raw materials. Also suppliers of labels and cartons mostly changed to Czech producers.

Over time PINKO started to change actual flavors of ice cream to get closer to the taste of Czech consumers, who started to return to traditional tastes from the past. This change affected most of PINKO products, which in 2006 was more than 170 species. Besides that PINKO started to produce new products under  Czech names, such as ice cream with a long tradition – Káča. Until 2009, Czech tastes were adapted to all recipes. In that year PINKO company for the first time produced ice cream with taste of quark and lemon (taken from our grandmothers old recipe for quark  cakes), which has become historically the best-selling PINKO ice cream. It is the ice cream on a stick called quark Vašík.

Currently there are ice creams for all ages and occasions in PINKO´s portfolio. We are especially  pride for our ice cream called Kopečková which is made from best quality and traditional ingredients – liquid milk and butter. It is manufactured to the highest standards and was awarded by State Agricultural Intervention with A-klasa award.

And, of course, we are still checking new opportunities, trends and technologies. And we try to use them the way which helps us to always bring new and new delicious flavors of best quality ice cream. Ice cream that will always perfectly refresh and delight our customers!

Company PINKO a.s. has decided to join a global program to promote a sustainable way of growing coffee, cocoa and tea. That´s why we use UTZ certified cocoa certification when making our ice cream.