O společnosti Pinko

About us


  • 1991 Company was founded PINKO company was founded by Italian family Sarafini in 1991. Ice cream was produced according to Italian recipes from Italian ingredients at that time and had great success in the post-revolution period at Prague clientele of luxurious restaurants, pizzerias and sweet shops.
  • 1996 Specialization to czech market The entire company was bought by Czech owner Ing. Miroslav Červ in 1996. Step after step the tastes and recipes of PINKO products were modified for Czech market. PINKO also started to cooperate with Czech supplyers at that time. Nowadays, PINKO ice cream is made from traditional and local ingrediences such as Czech milk, butter and cream.
  • 2001 New headquarters Building of company´s new headquarters, production hall and warehouse started in 2001 in Benešov city, middle Bohemia. Whilst focused on traditional recipes and raw materials, production itself was deeply modernised. Production lines are made of the best technologies that enables the whole production process to be extremely precise.
  • 2009 IFS certification Looking at the details of the whole production process PINKO meets the highest hygienical requirements. PINKO company is certified by international IFS certificate since 2009. IFS certificate is the highest quarantee of propper implementation of all production proccesses and standarts leading to absolute food and health safety of PINKO products.


Traditional recipes & modern technologies

Ice cream and dairy products for all age groups and occasions can be found in PINKO product range nowadays. The Italian origin of the company can be still noticed in the names of some products, such as Piccolo or Rigoletto. We are especially proud for our family packaging of scoop ice cream as it´s recipe is based on traditional ingrediences such as liquid cream, milk, butter and fruit puree. Meeting the highest requirements of the State veterinary intervention fund this product was awarded by A-klasa award.


PINKO also decided to joint the global support program of sustainable coffee, cocoa and tea agricuture. Therefore UZT certified cocoa is contained in PINKO ice cream since 2018.


And, of course, we are still checking new opportunities, trends and technologies. And we try to use them the way which helps us to always bring new and new delicious flavors of best quality products.


Certifikát AKlasa - Zmrzlina kopečková čokoláda
Certifikát AKlasa - Zmrzlina kopečková vanilka
PINKO BIO certifikate
IFS Food

IFS Food

PINKO company holds international IFS certification. IFS certification is the highest quarantee of correct implementation of all processes leading to absolute food safety of all produced food products. As a follow up proccess PINKO company is auditied by IFS certification every year.

UTZ kakao


PINKO decided to join the global program to support a sustainable coffee, tea and cocoa agriculture. Therefore UTZ certified cocoa is used during our production since 2018.



PINKO is also certified for organic food production.


Other Possibilities

Besides supplyes of PINKO brand ice cream we are opened to other possibilities of cooperation such as limited editions or private brands. It is always question of specific inquiry. Please contact our bussiness department in case you are interested in any kind of cooperation.