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We have been producing ice cream since 1991. We offer a wide range of products and formats that are ideal for the creation of your own brand of ice cream. We have a wealth of experience with the development of products, new recipes, formats and various forms and sizes of packaging. We offer ice cream for an impulse range and family and gastro packages.






We produce ice cream for leading local and multinational chains and brands that is sold in 30 countries around Europe.







We have our own development laboratory. We use modern production technologies, thanks to which we can guarantee the precision of the whole production process from dosage of ingredients, to cooking, filling and packing. 






Certification – since 2009 we have been holders of an international IFS certificate, which is a guarantee of the correct setup and implementation of all processes to ensure the safety and harmlessness of the food products we sell.


We are also certified for the production of BIO quality food. We use cocoa with Rainforest Alliance certification and are holders of the KlasA quality mark awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture.





We are a founding member of the Sustainable Business Association. The Association's aim is to support members in integrating responsible and sustainable business / ESG principles into their business environment and to promote sustainable and responsible business. Together with the association, we strive to nurture the business environment and create a sustainable and enduring business ecosystem that is capable of addressing today's challenges. We want to promote transparency and corporate responsibility, especially in the area of sustainability. To participate in education and awareness raising, especially in the area of ESG/sustainability.





Optimum logistic accessibility – the company’s headquarters and the whole production plant with the dispatch point is basically in the centre of the Czech Republic in Benešov u Prahy, so it is very easily accessible from the D1 motorway.