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At PINKO a.s., sustainability is one of the key areas next to the quality of our products. We want to take our share of responsibility and contribute to solving challenges in the field of health and sustainability. Our goal is to develop quality, healthy and tasty products that meet the parameters of modern trends.

In our long-term sustainability strategy, we aim to deliver on specific sustainability commitments, which we have concentrated into 5 main areas.
For this reason, we have also become a founding member of the Sustainable Business Association. which aims to support members in integrating responsible and sustainable business and ESG principles into their business environment and to promote sustainable and responsible business. Together with the association, we aim to foster an entrepreneurial environment and create a sustainable and enduring business ecosystem that can meet the challenges of today. We want to promote transparency and corporate responsibility, especially in the area of sustainability. We want to participate in education and awareness raising, especially in the area of ESG/sustainability.





Our sustainability areas


Environmental protection

We are aware of our impact on the planet. That's why we are constantly striving to reduce not only the carbon footprint of our factory, but also the amount of water and energy used in production. We try, where possible, to shorten our supply chain by purchasing Czech raw materials for the production of our ice creams. If this is not possible, we try to buy from geographically as close as possible. As part of our commitment to sustainable business practices, we strive to manage all waste from our operations. To this end, we work with several companies that process food waste, packaging and plastics for us.






Responsible sourcing and quality

We only buy certified ingredients for our products, including palm oil and cocoa. Our products are tested in accredited laboratories and have all quality certificates. We use Rainforest Alliance sources for our products. This logo identifies ice creams that are made with cocoa that comes from farms and forests certified by the Rainforest Conservation Alliance. 
We hold a European organic certification, which can only be used on products that have been certified organic by an authorized inspection agency or organization. This means that they meet strict conditions regarding production methods, processing, transportation and storage. The logo can only be used on products that contain at least 95 % organic ingredients and also comply with additional strict conditions for the remaining 5 %.






Composition and nutrition

We are constantly working to improve our products. We are focusing on improving the formulation of our existing range, expanding our portfolio of plant-based products, as well as those that address the various dietary concerns of our customers. By having our own technology laboratory we are able to fine-tune our products to maximize their quality.
We are holders of the Klasa quality label, which since 2003 has been awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture only to quality food and agricultural products that meet strict qualitative (demonstration of excellent quality characteristics) and legal requirements.






Product safety

The quality of our products is our top priority. All of our brands, even those under private label chains, are always carefully inspected before being shipped to consumers or clients. We are certified to the International Featured Standard (IFS), the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmark standard for manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, agents and brokers. IFS addresses food safety and product quality management in food and ingredient manufacturing.







Caring for people and society

The satisfaction of our employees is crucial to us. We ensure equal opportunities for all employees and motivate them to grow. In our company, we have 80% women in top management. In production we employ mostly workers from Ukraine and we also support their families. Within our Central Bohemian region, we have long supported the development of youth and sports through our support of the HC Lev Benešov hockey team and the Konopiště Triathlon. As part of our activities, we also regularly support the activities of the Food Bank.
We are also a holder of the international SMETA certification, which is an audit that confirms that our company complies with all conditions of employee rights, health and safety and environmental protection.